This landing page is for Nuclear Industry employers posting employment opportunities that are targeting job seekers Internationally.

The global Nuclear industry is having a renaissance with hundreds of large-scale Nuclear Power Stations and Small Modular Reactors SMRs proposed and under manufacture  / construction.  At the same time as an increasing number of the previous generation of reactors being decommissioned as they come to the end of their operating lives.  Not to mention the global collaborations working at achieving sustainable Nuclear Fusion along with current advancements in Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Propulsion.

All this means that Nuclear industry specific technical skills and experience can be in huge demand giving opportunity for individuals to work globally on either a contract or employed basis.  

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Employers purchasing  job posting credits for use with any of the NuclearJobs landing pages entering the promotional code: 2ndDecember will receive a 25% discount plus you will also be supporting  the global celebration of Nuclear Energy held annually on the 2nd December, the day in 1942 when Enrico Fermi’s reactor became the worlds first to create a self-sustaining chain reaction.

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