Blog - June 2021

  • 4 Simple Examples of Career Pathing

    Posted on Monday, June 21, 2021 by Get Into NuclearNo comments

    Here at Get Into Nuclear, we aim to help anyone interested in making their mark on arguably one of the most influential industries of our time. This post provides a flavour of what we are trying to do and helping people with their career pathing. The examples below have all come from an email conversation, a discussion with a work associate in the office, and a bar talk. What they aim to do is to ...

  • A guide to using your career to help solve climate change

    Posted on Monday, June 7, 2021 by Get Into NuclearNo comments

    Get Into Nuclear provides information and support to help people switch into careers that support the pursuit of solving climate change. We do this by helping people to find work in the nuclear industry. This page is a summary of what we have learned so far. We start by providing you with our ultimate end goals and providing you with the details. We are going to consider four topics that will ...