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The nuclear industry has an immense potential to support the UK strategy towards a low carbon future. Still, the industry needs to start accounting for its footprint with much more rigour before it can claim its NetZero position. The sector remains very resource intensive by its nature, with the ...

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Seascale, Cumbria

Physicist Sellafield, Cumbria SF34700 About The Role Here at Cavendish Nuclear we are seeking a Physicist to join our team based at Sellafield. This role will involve delivering physics services to meet stakeholder requirements and business objectives...

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PhD Studentship: Fusion and Fission Graphite Analysis and Treatment

University of Bristol

Fully Funded PhD Studentship starting October 2021 The objective of this project is to develop techniques for processing graphite waste to reduce the volume of the waste needing disposal, initially on a lab-scale, by extracting key isotopes with...


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